Control Transformers
Machine Tool Industrial Control Transformers
The HPS Imperator® series of machine tool rated industrial control transformers are specifically designed to meet high inrush industrial applications where electromagnetic components such as relay, solenoids and magnetic motor starters are used.
Industrial Open Core and Coil Control Transformers
The HPS Spartan™ line of industrial open core and coil control transformers are ideally suited for general purpose, industrial and light duty loads.  Designed for applications where high inrush or machine tool duty are not necessary, the HPS Spartan offers an efficient and economical solution. 
Enclosed Q Series Encapsulated Control Transformers
For applications where a cost effective approach to general purpose loads indoor or outdoor is required, consider the 'Q' Series, single phase encapsulated control transformer.  These units have a standard NEMA Type 3R enclosure.
MVC Series Medium Voltage Industrial Control Transformers
The MVC series are specifically designed for general purpose industrial control applications used to adjust a medium voltage supply (2400V to 7200V) to match a low voltage (120/240V) load requirement.  These single phase units are available from 500VA to 5000VA.