Product Catalog
HPS three phase autotransformers are available for applications where small voltage corrections are necessary in a distribution system.
Buck-Boost Transformers
The HPS Universal line of buck-boost transformers represent an economical way to both raise and lower voltage.
Control Transformers
Control transformers are isolation transformers designed to provide a high degree of secondary voltage stability during a brief period of overload.
Drive Isolation Transformers
HPS Drive Isolation Transformers are designed to meet the rugged demands of both AC/DC variable speed drives.
Encapsulated Distribution Transformers
HPS has two unique Encapsulated Distribution Transformer lines.
Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformers
HPS offers three lines of energy efficient low voltage distribution transformers.
Energy Efficient Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers
HPS offers energy efficient medium voltage distribution transformers which meet U.S. DOE 10 CFR Part 431 (and/or TP1) efficiency standards
Line Reactors
Utillizing variable speed drives to control motor speed has impacted the industry both in energy savings and increased efficiencies.
Low Voltage Lighting Transformers
For a cost effective approach to supply low voltage for recreational, lighting, light duty industrial and pool and spa applications and general purpose loads.
Motor Starting Autotransformers
HPS 2A and 3A motor starting autotransformers have been an industry standard for many years.
Dry-Type Medium Voltage (Power) Transformers
HPS Dry-Type Medium Voltage (Power) Transformers are regarded for their high level of quality and service reliability.
Specialty/Custom Dry-Type Transformers
For over 90 years, HPS has continued to grow from a small family business to an industry leader in dry-type transformer technology.  This experience along with our passion for transformer magnetic design has allowed us to provide specialty/custom dry-type transformers.