MVC Series | Medium Voltage Industrial Control Transformers


The MVC series are specifically designed for general purpose industrial control applications used to adjust a medium voltage supply (2400V to 7200V) to match a low voltage (120/240V) load requirement.  These single phase units are available from 500VA to 5000VA.

Key Features

  • 60 Hertz designs
  • Meets UL, CSA and NEMA standards
  • Available from 2400V to 7200V
  • Designed to meet 180°C insulation and 115°C temperature rise
  • Available in six standard voltage combinations
  • Standard 24" leads (optional terminal block available)
  • Optional primary and secondary fuse mounting kits
  • 10 year warranty
Additional Information

MVC Series Part Number Selection Table
500 VA 750 VA 1000 VA 2000 VA 3000 VA 5000 VA
2400 120/240 MVC500RE MVC750RE MVC1000RE MVC2000RE MVC3000RE MVC5000RE
3300 120/240 MVC500QE MVC750QE MVC1000QE MVC2000QE MVC3000QE MVC5000QE
4160 120/240 MVC500SE MVC750SE MVC1000SE MVC2000SE MVC3000SE MVC5000SE
4800 120/240 MVC500TE MVC750TE MVC1000TE MVC2000TE MVC3000TE MVC5000TE
6600 120/240 MVC500UE MVC750UE MVC1000UE MVC2000UE MVC3000UE MVC5000UE
7200 120/240 MVC500VE MVC750VE MVC1000VE MVC2000VE MVC3000VE MVC5000VE