HPS Universal™ | Encapsulated Buck-Boost Transformers


The HPS Universal™ line of buck-boost transformers represent an economical way to both raise supply voltage caused by line drop or equipment demand on the distribution system; or lower voltage caused by increased system voltages due to supply line adjustments.  Some loads including lighting and resistive loads, require a stable supply to maintain performance.  The detrimental effects of incorrect supply line voltage can cause equipment failure.

Key Features

  • Ratings from 50VA to 5000VA
  • Three standard voltage groups; 120/240-12/24, 120/240-16/32 and 240/480-24/48
  • 50/60 Hz frequency
  • Encapsulated core & coils in a combination silica sand and resin compound
  • Designed with a heavy duty NEMA Type 3R enclosure (Optional NEMA 4, 4X and 12 enclosures available upon request)
  • Insulation system: 130°C (80°C rise) for 50 to 1000 VA;  180°C (115°C rise) for 1500 to 5000 VA
  • Single & three phase configurations available
  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
  • Custom Sizes, ratings and styles available
  • 10 year warranty