HPS Titan® | Industrial Encapsulated Distribution Transformers


HPS Titan® series has been designed to operate in harsh environments/hazardous locations where dangerous gases, liquids, dust, etc., could lead to series consequences.  HPS Titan® encapsulated transformers are used in installations where safety is your priority, efficiency is a concern and the environment, location and application are key. Typical applications include institutional, commercial, industrial, petrochemical, marine, mining, etc.

HPS Titan® series transformers are UL Listed for "Class 1, Divison 2, Groups A, B, C and D Hazardous Locations" and are ABS Type Approved for "Marine Duty Service and Offshore Applications - Electrical Distribution and Propulsion".  And with a North American Temperature Classification of T3C, the HPS Titan® series will remain cool under load.


Key Features

  • Single phase ratings from 0.50 kVA to 37.5 kVA; three phase ratings from 6 kVA to 150 kVA
  • 60 Hz frequency (50/60 Hz on units with 380V primary)
  • Primary volts: 120, 208/240/277, 347/380, 240x480, 600, export model: 190/200/208/220x380/400/416/440
  • UL 1604 approval, Class 1 Division2
  • ABS type approval
  • Electrostatic shield standard on all three phase units and single phase units
  • 10 year warranty
  • Custom sizes, ratings and styles available upon request