RC Series | DV/DT Filters


The HPS RC series DV/DT filters are specifically designed for drive/motor applications with long lead lengths (usually where the motor cable length is 20 feet and greater).  They should always be installed next to the IGBT variable frequency drive.  Typical installation applications include production process lines, conveyor systems and deep wells.

The RC series DV/DT filters combine appropriate values of inductance, capacitance and resistance to form a filter which reduces DV/DT and peak voltages from the PWM voltage waveform.  When combined with a 3% impedance reactor that will reduce motor heating harmonics, the life of the motor will significantly increase.

Key Features

  • 60 Hz Fundamental Current Maximum
  • Nominal Inductance +/- 10% @ rated current*
  • 95% of nominal inductance @ 150% rated current*
  • 50% of nominal inductance @ 350% of rated current*
  • 600 volts maximum
  • Natural convection cooling method
  • UL listed
  • CSA certified
  • 10 year warranty
  • Custom sizes, ratings and styles available upon request


*Indicates that even at very substantial overload conditions (even beyond what other equipment in the circuit could tolerate), the RM Line Reactor will still provide current limiting performance against total harmonic distortion generated by the drive system.